Monday, March 23, 2015

Gone Bird Crazy


Long time no write.

I have saved and bought me some Tim Holtz products.  Such as stamps, distress spray stain, stencils and few other bits and pieces.  I am preparing to increase my stash. Tim's designs are fantastic and of high quality.  Just love them, been waiting so long to get me some.   Happy Happy Joy Joy.

When Tim Holtz went to the CHA 2015, I watched some of the demos he made and came across his Bird Crazy Stamps.  Oh my gosh, just so cooky and fun.  I had to have them.

I know might not get them for a while so I decided to take a shot and buy them from Simon Says Stamp Shop.  Excellent, received them in a couple of weeks (I am in Australia). 

The birds are so much fun, each one a character of their own.  So many ways to color them and use them.  Would be a good idea to have die cuts with them, would be so much easier to cut them out.

So many people already on the net sharing their projects with the Birds.   I thought I would share mine too.

I saw Tim creating the 12 Tags of 2015 - March. 

I read through the process and thought what a fantastic idea, I had some of the items he used.  The process stayed with me and couple of days later I created this tag. 


Such a fun and simple process.
I used googly eyes to make him more goofy and I think the saying suits quite well.  The position of the bird was random, I only noticed the two spots on his belly much later and then when I choose the Natural Beauty rubon, well as the saying goes, the ugly duckling.

I would like to enter this tag into Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2015 - March

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