Monday, March 10, 2014

Homemade Crackle Paint


Been checking out homemade crackle paint on YouTube, cool, all it takes is glue and paint, who would have thought twas so guess what, I had to try it straight away, like last night.

Here is pictures.

This is the first one I tried.  Using a paint brush I applied glue (mod podge matt) one layer, let dry to tacky, then apply with brush paint (distress paint broken china).  Then let it dry completely to see the effect of the crackle, but I could not wait so I used my heat gun to dry and that is the result.  Small linear cracks, very cool, so small detail like on wooden letters.  I used a craft tag no underlying color.

clik on pic for detail

This is the second attempt, I was just not getting the bigger cracks that the ladies show on YouTube.   I saw one lady using her finger to spread the glue and paint.
So I tried that and is the result below.  The tag on the right is the first one I did, pretty good, I used glue (mod podge) and then distress paint dusty concord, straight onto a craft tag.  The tag on the left I painted on distress paint wild honey, then the glue then distress paint dusty concord (I left this one dry over night, twas late). I applied a bit more glue.

clik on pic for detail

Not bad, but I would like the cracks to be like cracks, not so much linear...any ideas...please do share in comments on this post.....
This is what I used :-

I tried normal acrylic paint but found this distress paint lot smoother.

Here is couple of YouTube videos I located for making your own crackle pain.

How to make crackle paint by scrappinstampers (wow, this one is cool)

Make your own crackle paint by papio (good tutorial, compares two ways)

Very cool, I like the first method I tried, small crackles for fine detail, have to try on a card or tag project.

Any tips or techniques how to improve the crackle is more then welcome, please post in comments on this post.

Cool, yesterday I learnt two things to make crafting more exciting and cheaper, how to make homemade texture paste and crackle paint....hmmmm.....what is next....yesterday thinking about making my own tomato sauce.....I know how to make my own from scratch custard, white sauce and recently ice cream......YouTube here I come....

seeya for now

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  1. Thank you for this DIY tutorial -- I've been using it to make a "weathered wood" look in cardmaking.