Monday, March 10, 2014

Homemade Texture Paste


Yesterday I was surfing the YouTube, as always, for ideas on how to make homemade texture paste.  Here are a couple that I found.

DIY - Make Your Own Texture Paste by gauchealchemy

Tutorial using homemade texture paste and a blog how to make the paste. By Gabrielle Pollacco.

Well I am thinking I have all the ingredients at home except talcum powder.  I wonder if I could use white flour but sifted, that would roughly have the same consistency as the talcum powder.   Does not hurt to try.

So I used Gauch Alchemy recipe, just roughly measuring the ingredients.

Not bad, has a good thick consistency, spreads well and has some texture bits in it too, just waiting for the samples to dry.   Once dried I will try to add some color over.    I covered the paste and hope it will not dry out.

 Here is a couple of pictures.

I used :-
White acrylic paint
Liquid glue (mod podge matt)
Plain flour (sifted)

I did not measure exactly, just roughly 1 part paint, 1 part flour and 1/2 part glue

I mixed it all together in a plastic container just in case it did not work out.

Got some paper, circle stencil and a spatula, globed on some paste and spread, mind you I have never done this before and by looks of it I need practice on spread out the paste over the stencil.

Anyways looking at some YouTube samples where texture and embossing paste was used and wow, I will share the links for ya.

Mixed Media Earth Tag by contadinaK

Steampunk Mixed Media Journal Cover by Gabrielle Pollaco

Card making with Embossing Paste and Stencils by Sara (with glitter too)

Embossing Paste Technique by AKCaraboo

Couple of hours later I checked on the paste sample and it has dried and is all texture, very cool.  I tried inking with distress ink, distress paint and pretty good.  Looks like the left over past in container is still wet, thus might not dry out when there is a lid.    Next I will try to add color to the actual paste and spread.

Here is couple of pictures when dried.

 I definitely need practice on spreading the paste.   Any techniques and tips are welcome, please comment on this post, that would be great.

Well thats about it.   Looks good homemade texture paste. Now to think about the projects I can make with this, I do few stencils hmmmm the possibilites.

See ya for now......checking out homemade crackle paint on YouTube....

cheers MOnika

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